Forest Bathing

What is Forest Bathing?

As a contemporary practice, forest bathing began in Japan in the 1980’s with the intention of improving mental health and physical wellbeing. Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bath) is the practice of going out into the forest, or any natural area, with an intentionality towards opening and engaging all senses, slowing down to the present moment, connecting with the natural world, and cleansing the spirit.

There is no right or wrong way to forest bathe; in its simplest form, the purpose is to release and relax one’s day to day tensions. It is our hope to offer you a style of cleansing in nature that allows you to access and activate all parts of your knowing and being, thus energizing your spirit.

Ultimately, forest bathing is a metaphorical and metaphysical expression and experience that is meant to calm one’s nerves, calibrate rhythms, metabolize stagnant emotions, and restore connection to the natural world. When done with intention, and honoring reciprocity, we hope to receive the benefits that come from this relationship… health and wholeness.

What can you expect when bathing with us?

Despite all of our enthusiastic metaphor, water is NOT included in your session… unless it’s raining!

You can expect to be guided through three hours of forest bathing. The land that we are on is a mix of oak savannah (in restoration) as well as forest… therefore your experience might be more of a nature bath across meadows, rolling hills, and woods. And in the interest to feel into the full energetic spectrum of awareness and attunement, solo “baths”, partner “hot springs”, and group activity “onsen” will all be offered. Each inviting their own dynamic pathway to cleansing and connection.

We will invite you to slow down and feel into the present moment, allowing your time bathing to be one free of cell phones and obligations. We ask that you drop into your activated senses, open your heart and body to the soothing rhythms of the natural world, and cleanse your spirit of the stress and burden that can often lead to disconnection from feeling your best.

When I think of slipping into a nice warm, suds-filled, and scented bath, I feel my senses begin to awaken, my breath deepen, and my tensions ease. Wanting to set you up for a nurturing sensory experience, we will offer some imaginative “salts, suds, and essences” to support the making of your own warm and gentle forest bath.

Scrubbing Salts: You will be invited to select one of the eight directions (E,SE,S,SW,W,NW,N,NE) to infuse your experience with its regenerative qualities and attributes in order to shed blockages and restore sense of self.

Soothing Suds: Cleanse your nervous system by choosing a nature being (kin) whose spirit energy you wish to align with and embody. Allow yourself to relax into the gentle movements and patterns of the natural world and revitalize your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional stresses and kinks.

Elemental Essences: Choose one of the four elements to enliven your space and anchor your awareness and intention. Whether earth, water, fire, or air, connecting to one of these eternal elements of nature will awaken energy, promote clarity, and support your cleanse for the day.

Forest Bathing Schedule

Please send us an email if you’re interested!
Sessions are held in Monmouth, OR
– as guests on 97 acre property

What to Wear:
• Clothes that support your comfort, movement, and warmth
• Weather appropriate clothes (e.g. rain jacket, rain pants, warm hat/beanie… sun hat)
• When it has been raining, it can get muddy… so having good muck boots is encouraged

What to Bring:
• Water bottle
• Journal / notebook (optional)
• Willingness to leave your phone in your car… and, we understand and respect that, for some, keeping your phone with you may be more supportive to your well-being and life circumstances. If so, please set it to silent and seek to minimize how often you bring your attention to it.

Who is this for:
• This experience is primarily geared towards adults, however, anyone 12 or older who is interested and able to drop into and hold a gentle presence during the bath is very much welcome to attend.

Session Fee and Registration:
• $10 – $20 sliding scale (per bather); please contribute at the level that feels most honoring of the experience and of your financial flexibility.
Please RSVP by the Friday prior to the first Sunday (by sending us an email or clicking on Contact Us below).
• Bathers will be capped at 12

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Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature -- the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.