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Who We Are

At Regenerative Roots, we seek to restore reciprocity between humans, the natural world, and each other. We tend to our communities, working to reconnect relational pathways, through exposure to Nature, Cultural Mentoring, Deep Listening, Gratitude, and Empathy. With compassion and understanding, we honor all beings, all ages and stages of life, and the interconnected threads woven between us. Through these practices we reveal and connect with our true selves, exposing our unique gifts and visions, and creating meaningful relationships with nature, self, and others.

Our Programs

The Woods

Gathering around a fire and exploring reciprocal relationships allows those who come to The Woods to receive the social and emotional benefits of nature and community. Our deep nature connection and mentoring program is designed for youth ages 6 and older — parents and younger siblings are warmly encouraged and supported to participate too.

Coyotes Howl

Coyotes Howl (formerly Art of Mentoring) is a thoughtful approach for restoring the nature connected culture of our community. Coyotes Howl is a whole community event for individuals or families and participants of all ages, from infant to elder. Come spend five days immersed in nature — play, sing, explore, and hold the ropes of connection that will be woven collectively throughout our time together.

Fire Circles

When community comes together around a fire, we are warmed not just by the flames, but by the kinship of each other. To nurture our deep desire for connection, we invite you, along with friends or family, to join us at our monthly pot-luck style fire circle to share stories, food, and fun. Each fire circle explores a theme that seeks to inspire and nourish our holistic selves.

Regenerative Roots is committed to co-creating safe, trusting, and supportive environments for all who are involved in our programs and community forums. We invite you to learn more about our Commitment to Community Solidarity, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


Support Concentric Circles of Connection

100% of your tax deductible donation will fund scholarships to support all who seek to deepen regenerative practices that honor people and place, activate agency and advocacy, and cultivate whole community.

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