Community Fire Circles

Regenerative Roots’ fire circle gatherings are offered as a whole family / whole community event… free to all who are interested!

We encourage you to pack a family picnic and come sit around the fire with us. Gatherings are held monthly in Monmouth, Oregon from October to May. Please see our schedule below.

Each fire circle gathering explores a specific theme to inspire the energy of the group, such as:

Compassionate Listening  ♦ Stories of our Ancestors  ♦ Gratitude Practices  ♦ Bird Language

While time is set aside for intentional, connective conversations and activities which seek to strengthen our individual and collective relationships with People, Place, and Purpose, there is also plenty of time for some good ol’ fire circle, come-what-may, frolic and flow.

Fire Circle Schedule

We are excited to hold a 4 part Fire Circle series introducing The FireTender’s Journey… a relational quest.

DATES: Future Dates TDB

(1) Saturday, February 24th @ 4pm – The Traveler & The Tracker

(2) Sunday, March 31st @11am – The Forager / The Storycatcher

(3) Saturday, April 27th @ 4pm – The Weaver

(4) Sunday, May 26th @ 11am – The Storyteller

We greatly appreciate your support to run this as an earth-friendly event.
Please bring your own plates, utensils, and water bottles.

Regenerative Roots is committed to co-creating safe, trusting, and supportive environments for all who are involved in our programs and community forums. We invite you to learn more about our Commitment to Community Solidarity, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

For more information or to get on our fire circle mailing list, please Contact Us

I got a fire, burning inside of me. I got a fire, burning in my soul.
And I can feel that fire guiding me, telling me which way to go!

I’m going to feed it, I’m going to feed that fire.
I’m going to heed it, when it tells me which way to go!

Karly Loveling