Coyotes Howl

A Connective Gathering in the Willamette Valley

- A Community Quest Seeking Age & Stage Relational Awareness & Perspective -
Dicentra Sanctuary * Airlie, Oregon
July 3rd-7th 2024

Coyotes Howl is deeply inspired and nourished by our former offering of the Art of Mentoring. We are ever so grateful for all of the teachings that have supported our journey. And now, finding ourselves wrapped in a supportive blanket of being and becoming, we are excited to share this new and very personal expression of relational intelligence and knowing.

With a gentle wink towards the ancestral practice of Coyote Mentoring, and the encouragement to heed the call of the re-wild-ing process, we invite you to come and gather for a community-wide quest and rite of passage. Share stories, games, and memories, drop into patterns of the landscape, and welcome the interconnected web of influence that is woven by all!

Tending to cultural healing begins with re-membering the structures and value-filled roles of all ages and stages of life… from infants to elders. While this intentionality is often expressed in day to day behaviors, we also recognize that there is a need for a focused practice away from our very filled lives. During our time together, we wish to invite all present to slow down, take a breath, listen, and embrace the gift of each unique perspective in order to weave a unifying and collaborative experience.

A Remembering with Heart & Mind

Join Regenerative Roots in the exploration of how activating Relational Intelligence, using the connective frameworks of The FireTender’s Journey and the Art of Mentoring, as well as the tools of holistic tracking, enable us to awaken our senses, recognize reciprocity, and dance with the threads of community.

Deep in all of our roots, there are stories of ancestors living in healthy, regenerative communities — villages where people of all ages were in deep relationship with the land, each other, and themselves. Coyotes Howl is designed to help us remember these old ways of awareness and mentoring and learn to apply them to our modern communities.

By embracing reciprocity with the dance of relationality, we honor our ancestral roots, taking on the role of tracker, observing the landscape, deeply listening to the messages offered, and shaping our community in a healthy and holistic way.

Through the lens of travelling and tracking, story catching, weaving, and telling, we seek to align ecological and cultural awareness, deepening our understanding of the human community within the natural world. The knowledge and perspective we receive from tracking mysteries and catching stories reveals the interconnectedness between people and place. Thus, we will experience what it means to be in right relationship, acknowledging that a core purpose of tracking is to nourish ourselves, our community, and our landscape.

In many cultures, and especially in the time of our ancestors, the eight directions offered forward a particular perspective, with unique energy and associated attributes. During our time together, we will navigate the insight and inspiration of each direction, embracing our Inner Happiness(E), Vitality(SE), Mentoring(S), Empathy(SW), Gifts(W), Presence(NW), Love(N), and Vision(NE)!

Longings from within...

Coyotes Howl is:

  • an experiential retreat that sparks playful explorations, skillful observations, and courageous conversations.
  • an invitation to immerse yourself into the rhythms, cycles, synchronicities, and mysteries of nature.
  • an intentional practice for tending communities of connection that serve and sustain a vibrant village.
  • a dynamic forum that is an evolving and unique expression of those who gather together each time.
  • a whole community event designed for individuals or families and participants of all ages, from infant to elder.

Come solo, with friends, with a partner, or with your family…any and all combinations are reflective of the communities we live in!

As the effect of nature connection, Coyote Mentoring, and the seeds of a healthier culture formed, children and adults both began to thrive in this new environment. They developed inner quietness, a calm presence, a lust for adventure, deep curiosity, and that twinkle in the eye that says so much. There was much laughter, there was hope, there were tears of joy and sorrow – and all these feelings were freely expressed.

A Vibrant Village Culture

Coyotes Howl emerged from the Art of Mentoring, which is based on a well-tested model, and provides knowledge, tools and practices that enrich relationships and allow participants to create a powerful culture of connection in all aspects of their life and community. Our rhythm and routines will include deep questions, interwoven stories and song, dynamic skill and knowledge sharing, and collective inspirations to emerge and evolve in playful, soulful, meaningful ways:
  • Expand Sensory Awareness
  • Honor the Reciprocity between People and Place
  • Activate Wonder, Awe, and Discovery
  • Integrate Knowing-Doing-Being
  • Foster a Sense of Belonging
  • Cultivate Compassion and Courageous Authenticity
  • Spark and further Ignite your Purpose
  • Hardwire Neurological, Socio-emotional, and Physical Pathways of Resilience and Well-being
Who is this for? Coyotes Howl is for anyone who wants to participate in an ancient mentoring experience that can offer solutions and options for regenerative practices within our modern world. This includes those who are involved in care-tending roles, whether it be of people or place, and for those who pursue artistry, agency, and advocacy within local and global spheres of influence: parents, educators, healthcare providers, social workers, therapists, healers, musicians, naturalists, ecological stewards, social change agents, etc. Bring your passion…our intent is to provide the sparks that further ignite your purpose!

Regenerative Roots is committed to co-creating safe, trusting, and supportive environments for all who are involved in our programs and community forums. We invite you to learn more about our Commitment to Community Solidarity, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Program Overview

We invite you to come together with intention, bringing awareness to place, sharing stories with each other and the land we are on, and seeking right relation with the truest expression of your authentic self. Step into a relational flow, a fluid space for your reciprocal self to be and become with others, as an expression of the ecologically diverse collective. The expansiveness of We, invites the Me. I am only I because of the We.
Ages & Stages of Being and Becoming:
Infants to Teens (0-13): Welcoming & Inspiration
Teens to Young Adults (13-26): Vitality & Motion; Wander & Rest
Young Adults to Middle Adults (26-39): Focus & Determination; Pay it Forward
Middle Adults to Older Adults (39-52): Harvest & Celebration; Service to Community
Older Adults to Emerging Elders (52-65): Reflection & Connection; Awe & Reverence
Elders (65+): Wisdom & Perspective; Mystery & Vision
*Ages are approximate and are simply offered as guidance : )
**Those turning 13 this calendar year and older (adults too!) will be invited to participate in a one night solo fire quest on the 3rd night.
Putting the Quest into Questions!
At a core level, a rite of passage encourages the leaning into wonder, and invites openness to what will become (in the next stage). Whether you are becoming a teen, a young adult, a middle adult, an older adult, or an elder… questing is one way to curiously and courageously explore edges, transitions, and possibilities.
It is a time for both evolving and emerging energy and identity… How we see and project ourselves and how others see and reflect us. Thus, the intention of this gathering is to hold time, space, and place as a community quest. We will take a journey together with the intention of arriving to the We while holding context for the thoughtful and value-filled expression of each unique I.
With all of this, we invite some ‘questions to consider‘ into your wonderings, and when we gather, we wish to walk with these questions (and any other that come up!) with the hope of going just a little bit further than we’ve gone before:
What age and stage of life are you currently in?
What do you see as your relational obligation in your current stage?
How are you in relationship with yourself and others?
What is your perspective in regard to the We and the I?
Does nature support the being and becoming of your authentic self?
What does nature teach you about concentric circles of awareness?

Come Gather Together with Nature as Inspiration and Invitation to Explore and Engage in Regenerative Practices that Lay the Foundation for Healthy, Harmonic, and Thriving Communities.

Nature Connection  ♦ Mentoring  ♦  Tracking  ♦  Peacemaking  ♦  Mindful Presence

Participant Reflections from Prior Years
About the Overall Experience:

  • Connectivity. Great energy and fun. Lots of good insights and it all reminded me how I wanted to continue to feel and to live more from my heart and less in my head. I feel much more balanced and open hearted and am living more joyfully and authentically!
  • I truly started to feel like I’d known some of these people for awhile. It felt like such a supportive and safe environment to be in.

About Our Activities:

  • Each had threads that built this web of respect, listening, patience, humor, cooperation, gentleness, deep knowing and honoring of our wisdom, teaching and learning and loving All in harmony with Nature.
  • All activities were beautifully done. Each family member had a favorite, and they were all different!

About Our Staff & Site:

  • Everyone was absolutely incredible! So inspiring, kind and they each seemed to shine from within while offering their own special gifts and energies. I appreciated the diversity and coming together, it felt like a very balanced and whole group of mentors.

A Sense of Place and Space

Dicentra Sanctuary ♦ Airlie, Oregon
Map to Dicentra

We are delighted to be returning to Dicentra Sanctuary this year, held by the ancestral Big-Leaf Maples and nourished by the Luckiamute River.

We wish to extend our deepest gratitude to the Kalapuya people, across generations – past, present, and future, who have nurtured and been nurtured by this central Willamette Valley where we will hold our Coyotes Howl gathering.

  • Begin Time: Wednesday, 7/3 @ 7:00pm; participants are encouraged to arrive between 1pm – 7pm to set up their camp.
  • End Time: Sunday, 7/7 @ 11am; there will be ample time afterwards to break camp.

PROGRAM FEES: (includes four nights of camping (with composting toilets), guided activities and instruction, and use of the beautiful Dicentra Sanctuary land).

  • Regenerative Tier: $120 per adult / $80 per child
  • Roots Tier: $95 per adult / $55 per child

*!* Food is NOT included. Participants are responsible for bringing their own drinking water, food, plates/utensils/etc. and for preparing their own meals. We will have a central camp kitchen area set up for shared prep, including shaded space for coolers and a basic dish washing station. A couple of tables and cook stoves will be open for general use; however, we encourage you to bring your own stove if possible.

*!* This is an alcohol and drug free event.

*!* Due to the sensitive landscape of Dicentra Sanctuary, we are unable to accommodate requests to bring dogs.

Two Tier Ticket Pricing
As an organization, our commitment is to make Coyotes Howl possible for all who express an interest and resonate with the values and vision of fostering regenerative practices within whole community. Toward that aim, we have established Two Tiers of ticket pricing.

  • Buying a REGENERATIVE Tier ticket contributes to our whole community vision and enables us to optimize scholarship funds.
  • Buying a ROOTS Tier ticket provides foundational support to our organization by covering core event expenses.

It is possible to select a combination of Regenerative and Roots Tier tickets in order to contribute at a level that is comfortable to you. Thank you for considering what is most aligned for you at this time!

For both tiers, ticket prices reflect the very minimum costs for running this event — pricing is structured in pursuit of a net zero profit margin.

In addition, partial scholarships are available (15%-50% discount) with the number of opportunities dependent on the level of charitable donations and participants opting to purchase Regenerative Tier tickets. If you wish to apply for scholarship funds, please send us a message ([email protected]).

Come sit by the fire with me,
And watch shadows dance in the trees,
The flames of the fire, will always inspire,
A story or a song we can sing!

Patrick M.