The Woods – Mentoring and Leadership Program

Our Experiencial Homeschool Program

Igniting Curiosity, Creativity, and Confidence through “Fire Tending”

At The Woods homeschool program, we encourage the connection of heart and mind through exposure to deep nature connection. For us, nature connection is an emotional-neurological experience that is created by weaving nature education (e.g. ecology, biology), skills-based activities (e.g. fire making, shelter building), and relational awareness (e.g. mentoring, tracking) into a story of the day (or a story of a cycle). The benefit of being/feeling nature connected is ultimately a higher emotional intelligence, stimulated neurological pathways, and the sensibility of one’s true self. We can also say that we feel better, think more clearly, and behave as the great people we truly are when we have fully connected ourselves.

* Deep Nature Connection (become ‘Nature Smart’)

* Tracking Skills (learn bird language, inner tracking)

* Subsistence Skills (explore naturalist and nature craft)

* Peacemaking (engage your empathy, compassion, love)

* Mindful Presence (sit spot, expand sensory awareness)

* Mentoring (catch stories, hone the art of questioning)

* Gratitude (bring hearts and minds together)

* Creativity & Quiet Mind (tend to your gifts and vision)

We gather in Monmouth, Oregon on Mondays and Thursdays from 11am-3pm.

Our program is designed for kids ages 6 and older as well as their families.

Please contact us for more information!

[email protected]

Our 12 Week Fall Cycle begins Monday, September 9, 2019!

Program Fees:

  • $384 (option to pay in two installments)
  • siblings 6yr+ @ 25% discount ($288)
  • siblings 3yr-5r accompanied by an adult @ 50% discount ($192)
  • all adults FREE and encouraged to participate!


**There will be NO classes October 24th or 28th – Paul will be at a Mentor’s Gathering in Canada
**There will be NO classes November 25th or 28th – the entire week of Thanks giving and Thanks receiving 🙂


“Both my son and I are thoroughly enjoying our experience at The Woods. I am so grateful for the opportunity of us both to learn and be challenged. The activities teach us practical skills while also calling each of us to slow down and reconnect with nature, ourselves and those around us. The community is so welcoming, inclusive, and fun. It is truly a time both my son and I look forward to.”

                                                                                                                                                  -Emily, Adult Participant

“I think that The Woods is really awesome. I love sit spots and all the other activities that we do. I like the nature connection, and I feel like I make nice connections with friends. I like the directions of the medicine wheel, I like the gift of the west. It’s nice to hang out and be in nature.”

                                                                                                                                                  -Luna, 8 y/o Participant