Patrick Gurley


I believe the power of nature connection is the experience of Deep Truth and the potential is Awakened Soul.

Peter Nilsen-Goodin


Nature Connection has the power and potential for deep cultural restoration…and for a whole lot of fun!

Ben Williams


It fades the myth of the individual self.

Serene Mellenthin

southEast & Young Child Facilitator

The power and potential of nature connection is limitless and will inspire those willing to listen.

Shanna Turner

SouthEast & Teen Facilitator

Every child is born a naturalist and every adult has their inner child living inside them; this means the potential for us all to connect with nature is a true possibility!

Dee Teem


I believe the power and potential of nature connection is as deep and strong as the ocean, with same resiliency to cleanse, nourish and renew.


Tracy Cook


the power and potential of nature connection is…

Paul McDermott

West & Adult Facilitator

I believe the power and potential of nature connection is love.

Amanda Evans

Northwest & Youth Facilitator

Our hearts are meant to be whole; by returning to nature, we can begin to rediscover the lost pieces of ourselves.

Peggy Hilden

Northwest & Emerging Elder Facilitator

Nature allows us to see beyond ourselves, to open our hearts to feel and experience exquisite beauty and connection.

Shawna McDermott

North & Adult Facilitator

I believe that nature connects heart and mind which inspires us to pursue pathways of courage, compassion, discovery and wholeness.

Todd Embree


Through listening to the quietest of sounds around us, we may connect with the source of our creativity.