The Willamette Valley Art of Mentoring 2020

June 24th – June 28th

Lost Valley Education and Event Center in Dexter, Oregon


Pricing and Registration coming in February!



A Journey of Heart & Mind

Set in the firs and oaks where the Willamette Valley meets the Cascades, Lost Valley Education and Event Center will host our 2019 Art of Mentoring where we will create and tend to pathways of connections.  All ages and stages of life are encouraged to attend; we will offer age appropriate activities for all participants, from children to elders!

Every journey is guided and informed by direction: East, SouthEast, South, SouthWest, West, NorthWest, North, NorthEast.  In many cultures, and especially in the time of our ancestors, each direction offered forward a particular perspective, with unique energy and associated attributes.  During this weekend workshop, we will navigate the insight and inspiration of each direction, embracing our Inner Happiness(E), Vitality(SE), Mentoring(S), Empathy(SW), Gifts(W), Presence(NW), Love(N), and Vision(NE)!

Come and practice in the creation of intentional mentoring relationships, play “Coyote Questions” or “Elders in Shelters”, develop a “Sit Spot” routine where Bird Language becomes a second language, or learn how to make cordage from plant material.  Our hope is that you come and drop in with us and leave with an inspired motivation to carry on connections within your community!


A Growing Global Movement

For more than 20 years, the Art of Mentoring, a program developed by Jon Young (co-founder 8 Shield Institute; co-founder Wilderness Awareness School; author of Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature and What the Robin Knows), has inspired individuals to gather together as a courageous community, inviting dynamic conversation and story-telling, facilitating experiential learning and discovery, and fostering deep nature connection.  The Art of Mentoring program is held as a week-long event in various locations within the U.S. and Canada, and increasingly so, in European countries.

We are excited to join the growing momentum of people and organizations who sponsor the Art of Mentoring in their local communities!! 








Come Gather Together with Nature as Inspiration and Invitation to Explore and Engage in Regenerative Practices that Lay the Foundation for Healthy, Harmonic, and Thriving Communities
Nature Connection  ♦  Mentoring  ♦  Peacemaking  ♦  Mindful Presence

Here are some of the take-aways shared by last year’s participants:

About the Overall Experience:
        • Connectivity. Great energy and fun. Lots of good insights and it all reminded me how I wanted to continue to feel and to live more from my heart and less in my head. I feel much more balanced and open hearted and am living more joyfully and authentically!
        • I loved the singing, the sharing, the encouragement and the goodbye hugs from everyone. I want to come back again.
        • I truly started to feel like I’d known some of these people for awhile. It felt like such a supportive and safe environment to be in.
About Our Activities:
        • Each had threads that built this web of respect, listening, patience, humor, cooperation, gentleness, deep knowing and honoring of our wisdom, teaching and learning and loving All in harmony with Nature.
        • All activities were beautifully done. Each family member had a favorite, and they were all different!
About Our Staff:
        • Everyone was absolutely incredible! So inspiring, kind and they each seemed to shine from within while offering their own special gifts and energies. I appreciated the diversity and coming together, it felt like a very balanced and whole group of mentors.
        • I really appreciated the open hearted conversations that I had with some of you. It really helped me to be able to go deeper into connection…. with everything. With myself, my child, our Mother Earth and with all the lovely people who showed up for this wonderful gathering.

  • Begin Time: Wednesday, 6/24 @ 1:30pm; participants are encouraged to arrive between 11am – 1pm to set up tent/dorm room
  • End Time: Sunday, 6/28 @ 3:30pm

Program fees include organic vegetarian meals (Wed-dinner through Sun-lunch) and are based on tent camping arrangement. Participants have access to a small outdoor kitchen (stove, sink, fridge) where meat can be stored and prepared. See below for details on dorm lodging options and pricing.

  • Adult (18yr – 54yr) = 
  • Emerging Elder / Elder (55yr+) = 
  • 2nd Parent* = 
  • Teen (13yr – 17yr) = 
  • Kid / Youth (5yr – 12 yr) = 
  • Deer & Fawn* (adult with their 2yr – 4yr child) = 

* With the desire to support families to participate, we offer two discount options:

2nd Parent rate…use this for the second adult in the family when child(ren) are 5yrs and older OR if have kids 5yrs and older and a child less than 2yrs.

Deer & Fawn rate…use this for an adult with child 2yr-4yr (applicable to family with one adult participating; if two adults, one adult would pay Adult or Elder rate, as appropriate); if you have more than one child in the 2yr-4yr age range, please send us an email for custom pricing.

Dorm Lodging options: Each bed has bottom/top sheet, pillow/pillow case, and blankets

  • Multiple occupancy room = additional per person
  • Single occupancy room = additional

Interested in learning more?  Please contact us at: [email protected]










“As the effect of nature connection, Coyote Mentoring, and the seeds of a healthier culture formed, children and adults both began to thrive in this new environment.  They developed inner quietness, a calm presence, a lust for adventure, deep curiosity, and that twinkle in the eye that says so much.  There was much laughter, there was hope, there were tears of joy and sorrow – and all these feelings were freely expressed.”
                            -Jon Young, Coyote‘s Guide to Connecting to Nature

A Vibrant Village Culture

Art of Mentoring is based on a well-tested model, and provides knowledge, tools and practices that enrich relationships and allow participants to create a powerful culture of connection in all aspects of their life and community.

Who is this for? Art of Mentoring is for anyone who wants to participate in an ancient mentoring experience that can offer solutions and options for regenerative practices within our modern world.

In particular, those who are involved in caring, tending, and nurturing roles, whether it be of people (parents, educators, healthcare providers, social workers, therapists, spiritual care, etc.) or places (ecological stewards, environmental scientists, etc.), will recognize and resonate with the dynamic practices and pathways that will be explored.  Bring your passion…our intent is to provide the sparks that further ignite your purpose.

This is an interactive teaching-learning forum designed for individuals or families and participants of all ages, from infant to elder!!  Come solo, with friends, with a partner, or with your family…any and all combinations are reflective of the communities we live in. 

Adult and youth programs run simultaneously, weaving together to form a “village” with connection to nature, community, and self as the culture.  Throughout the weekend, we will gather as whole community during meal times and evening fire circle gatherings.  As well, during the day, intentional activities will be orchestrated within and across program groups.

Our rhythm and routines will include experiential outdoor activities, play, lectures and discussion, small groups, storytelling, music, and connection with people of all ages.

  • Adult Program (18yr+)
  • Teen Program* (13yr – 17yr)
  • Youth Program (9yr – 12 yr)
  • Kid Program (5yr – 8yr)
  • Deer & Fawn Program** (adult with their 2yr – 4yr child)

* Teens will be supported to spend one night away from the main camp, hiking to a secluded spot within the property for additional facilitated self-discovery; the teens will depart Friday afternoon and rejoin the group before Saturday lunch. Accordingly, please ensure your teen has what they need to be comfortable for one night of sleeping under the stars.  Specific information will be shared in the weeks prior to the workshop.

** The Deer & Fawn program seeks to foster nature connection and discovery for our youngest participants (2yr-4yr; “fawn”) and requires side-by-side participation with their parent/adult (“deer”). As noted above, there will also be times throughout the weekend where groups will engage in activities together.


A Sense of Place & Space

Lost Valley Education and Event Center ♦ Dexter, Oregon
Map to Lost Valley (located about 30 minutes east of Eugene)

We are delighted to be hosting AoM this year at Lost Valley Education & Event Center, an 87 acre nature sanctuary located where the Willamette Valley meets the Cascades. Known for promoting permaculture, sustainable living, and community, Lost Valley offers a lush and wild landscape for our weekend of connection. Choose between pitching a tent and sleeping under the stars, or enjoying the comfortable, dorm style accommodations that are located on the property.

Click here to learn more about Lost Valley.



Our Community Organizers:

We have an amazing group of people who will be supporting your experience!  We all took a moment to reflect on how nature inspires us:

Paul McDermott

West & Adult Facilitator

Shawna McDermott

North & Adult Facilitator

Todd Embree

Northeast & teen facilitator

Kusra Kapuler

SouthWest & Teen Facilitator

Nature, and the community within, inspires me to be the best version of myself.

Intricate, expansive, peaceful, harmonious, abundant…nature inspires me to fully embrace the present moment.

When I experience difficulties, I can depend on the cycles of nature to provide hope. The sun will rise tomorrow, winter transforms into spring.

Nature inspires heart, yoga and art, and is a source of peace and tranquility, dynamism and fierce grace.

Harmony Bazner

NorthWest & Youth Facilitator

Noah Mozell

SouthEast & Youth Facilitator

Brian Crosby

East & Youth Facilitator

Kjersten Hallin

East & Youth Facilitator

Mother Earth invites me to be joyfully alive and grounded in my body; I am set back into Wholeness when I am with Nature.

Nature inspires me to live out my purpose and to connect deeply with The Land,  myself and my community.

Nature is my church, my muse, my mother, my child, the most brilliant of artists and the greatest teacher.

Summer Stephens

SouthEast & Deer/Fawn Facilitator

formal picture

Mark Stauffer

South Acorn

Sonia Arion

SouthWest Acorn

Nature inspires me to: Be my true self. Connect. Listen. Play. Be free. Be Curious. Sing and Dance. Ground In. Love, Respect and Trust the process. Nature inspires me to learn and be grateful for all the lessons.

Nature inspires by transmitting the depths, by flying through with play, by ever-offering the ancestral ground, and by nourishing with what is needed for this moment.

Nature is our life blood, source of all creativity, wonder and joy, it i reminds us of our undeniable interconnection to one another and to the past and future generations. 

“Come sit by the fire with me,

And watch shadows dance in the trees,

The flames of the fire, will always inspire,

A story or a song we can sing!”

-Patrick (Nature Connection Mentor and Friend)